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In the hair Industry huge breakthroughs have been
made in how we apply hair extensions.

Christine Wozniak stylist of Salon Urbane, has carefully chose the most modern technique in applying hair extensions. The Lox Loop method is by far the best option available.  Individual strands of 100% Remy  Human Hair extensions , are applied to a small section of your hair. Just below the roots on each section, your hair is looped through a bead, and firmly locked into place using no heat, and causing no damage to your natural hair.  The greatest feature aside from the health benefits, is the lifting option this method gives you.


As your extensions grow out, you are able to come in for a “lifting service”. During this service, Christine works through each bond individually. The beads are re- opened, and the extension is lifted back towards your scalp, then secured back into place.

Following care instructions, and gentle maintenance, your  Lox Extensions may last up to 7 months! Great for those looking to add length, density, volume, or to help fill in sections as you're growing out your hair! These Extensions also act great for anyone looking to add color with NO damage to your natural hair!!

For those who are not interested in a “long term” commitment with your extensions, the Clip-In option is best for you. Christine Wozniak makes custom clip - in extension wefts. Weft peices or tracks, have small clips sewn at the top of the weft. These clips are used to fasten onto your nautural hair for a day. Great for adding length or volume! 

All hair extension options are made with 100% Human Hair Extensions. This hair can be flat ironed, blowdryed, or curled! Schedule a consultaion with Christine Wozniak to explore what option is best for you!








* Color of bonds displayed in opposite tone to show the

  application of the Lox single strand application.